Free Proxy USA

First and foremost we want to welcome you to Free Proxy USA. We are a free web proxy service made for anyone trying to access websites that are blocked. A large part of our servers are united states based.

Places like school, work and 3rd world countries usually block websites. This is done because they are trying to prevent their employees from getting off task or they are trying to prevent people in that country from knowing something that the rest of the world knows.

Our services are made to help you bypass these these pesky limitations. The internet was made to give people the ability to freely share information without borders. This is one of that things that makes the internet so great.

Besides web proxies, there are other popular services like virtual private networks (VPNS) which allow you to tunnel your traffic and change your IP address. Socks proxy servers also help bypass web filters. These however require configuration of your browser. With our free proxy service, all that is required is for you to visit our website and enter the url. Then you just hit go and start browsing. You will be anonymous when browsing the web.

Our service also has YouTube support. Some of the lower quality proxies do not allow playback of videos. If you are only in need of YouTube access, check out This is our special YouTube only proxy. This is the only YT web proxy with mobile device support.

You can use this new service from just about any browser including mobile versions. Its also fully secured. All of the traffic is encrypted with TLS encryption.

Proxy Sites for YouTube ONLY!


USA Proxy Sites

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