Where are proxies used the most?

proxyNow a days web proxies are very common due to the fact that just about every workplace implements web filters. The only drawback to web proxies is that they tend to not support many of the new websites because they have lots of javascript and flash elements. However the majority of people that use a proxy don’t really have a better alternative so they decide to put up with the site working a bit in a broken manner. Here are some of the most common places where proxies are used.

If you have ever worked in a office or any other place that blocks certain websites because they think it will destroy productivity you know that sometimes you just feel like taking a small break. Sometimes you have to eat lunch at your desk and you have a big funless computer in front of you that cant go on your favorite pastime sites. So what do people resort to? Proxies!

Another interesting place I have seen them used is in libraries! Believe it or not there are still people that don’t own a computer at this time. So they resort to using library computers. Now its mainly kids that do this as their library card does not give them full internet access. This is bad because they can potentially stumble on adult material but most don’t. They just log on to facebook.

Of course the most common place is schools. Lets face it sometimes you just don’t feel like doing your work. lol Back when I was in high school I would goof off for half the time and the other half actually do my work. Just because students goof off does not mean that they don’t do their work at all. Usually when they block websites it creates more of a want to go on the blocked websites. Its a bit like drug prohibition.

There are many uses for proxies. If things keep up the way they are more than likely they will be more popular than ever. *cough* SOPA *cough* If you want to get started using proxies find a proxy on our front pages and browse away!

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