A Youtube proxy for mobile devices

YoutubeMobile phones and devices such as iPads and iPods are everywhere. Sometimes when mobile data is not available you are forced to use whatever WiFi is available. If you happen to be in a school or library where YouTube might be blocked you can take advantage of our new site Mtunnel.net. Essentially when you visit the page all you will see is a small search box. This is where you will type what videos you are looking for just as it you were on the YouTube home page. After you hit enter a list of videos will appear. The site is made to use HTML5. This is so because this is by far the most compatible way mobile devices can play videos. The majority of modern browsers like Chrome and Firefox also support it too. So it really didn’t make sense to use a player like JW Player.

Check it out and share it with your friends if you find this site to be useful.

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