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If you happen to follow this blog you will notice that a few months ago we went ahead and added a UK proxy to better serve our UK visitors. We have decided to add yet another UK mirror to another one of our proxies. (No Longer Online)

You can also use the US versions at:

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Free Proxy USA

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One thought on “Free Proxy USA Updates and News

  1. I have checked some proxies from US list and they have some errors in boxes for Java scripts and Objects. Once unchecked and gone to web site with videos to play like youtube, marks in the boxes are coming back so youtube display warring that Java script must be enabled in order to watch videos, so it is not so much of use of those proxies. Other problems like options box next to search bar is not opening so it is impossible to make appropriate adjustments in order to browse web sites with videos eg. All proxies should be checked before posting if they are working correctly and not just listing them without knowing if they are of any use.
    Thank you.

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