A Youtube proxy for mobile devices

YoutubeMobile phones and devices such as iPads and iPods are everywhere. Sometimes when mobile data is not available you are forced to use whatever WiFi is available. If you happen to be in a school or library where YouTube might be blocked you can take advantage of our new site Mtunnel.net. Essentially when you visit the page all you will see is a small search box. This is where you will type what videos you are looking for just as it you were on the YouTube home page. After you hit enter a list of videos will appear. The site is made to use HTML5. This is so because this is by far the most compatible way mobile devices can play videos. The majority of modern browsers like Chrome and Firefox also support it too. So it really didn’t make sense to use a player like JW Player.

Check it out and share it with your friends if you find this site to be useful.

Free Proxy USA Updates and News

If you happen to follow this blog you will notice that a few months ago we went ahead and added a UK proxy to better serve our UK visitors. We have decided to add yet another UK mirror to another one of our proxies.

https://www.OCLearningTeam.co.uk (No Longer Online)

You can also use the US versions at:


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If you have any concerns or questions feel free to leave it in the comments below.

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Free Proxy USA

UK Free Proxy

If you happen to be one of our UK users you can now take advantage of our brand new UK proxy and experience better network performance. At the moment it may not support all websites like some of our other proxies but we will be working on that. This proxy also support SSL so you can access it using a https URL.

https://www.fuckenbored.co.uk (No Longer Online)

You can also access our USA versions at:


If you have any questions feel free to leave us a comment below.

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Free Proxy USA

Where are proxies used the most?

proxyNow a days web proxies are very common due to the fact that just about every workplace implements web filters. The only drawback to web proxies is that they tend to not support many of the new websites because they have lots of javascript and flash elements. However the majority of people that use a proxy don’t really have a better alternative so they decide to put up with the site working a bit in a broken manner. Here are some of the most common places where proxies are used.

If you have ever worked in a office or any other place that blocks certain websites because they think it will destroy productivity you know that sometimes you just feel like taking a small break. Sometimes you have to eat lunch at your desk and you have a big funless computer in front of you that cant go on your favorite pastime sites. So what do people resort to? Proxies!

Another interesting place I have seen them used is in libraries! Believe it or not there are still people that don’t own a computer at this time. So they resort to using library computers. Now its mainly kids that do this as their library card does not give them full internet access. This is bad because they can potentially stumble on adult material but most don’t. They just log on to facebook.

Of course the most common place is schools. Lets face it sometimes you just don’t feel like doing your work. lol Back when I was in high school I would goof off for half the time and the other half actually do my work. Just because students goof off does not mean that they don’t do their work at all. Usually when they block websites it creates more of a want to go on the blocked websites. Its a bit like drug prohibition.

There are many uses for proxies. If things keep up the way they are more than likely they will be more popular than ever. *cough* SOPA *cough* If you want to get started using proxies find a proxy on our front pages and browse away!

Another Free USA Proxy Powered By CGI Proxy

We have launched a new proxy website that is powered using the infamous CGI Proxy. Keep in mind that this proxy may not have all features working as of yet but rest assured that we are working hard to make it compatible with the most commonly used websites such as Facebook and YouTube and so on. It also supports https which makes it harder to block. This proxy as of now should also be unblocked for all countries. Feel free to provide us with feedback via this blog post so we can further improve the proxy.

Update: Our CGI proxy is no longer running. We apologize for any inconvenience. However you can learn more about this type of proxy at the CGI Proxy Official site.

Let us know how it runs!


FreeProxyUSA website update.

We have decided to update our website layout and content management system in general. This will allow us to add more features and update our website in a easier manner. Our legacy website had been around for quite a bit now. A update was needed. If this is the first time you visit our website first and foremost welcome. Continue to check back for more new proxies and some services in the near future. Don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list on our front page to receive the latest proxies via email.


What is a proxy?

This is probably one of the most asked questions. Now I know what you are thinking who in the world does not know what a proxy is? There are people that legitimately don’t know but fortunately that is what this post will aim to do; educate that group of people.

A proxy is a service in our case its a websites that allows you to access websites and other resources that re directly blocked. So lets say for example you want to go on Facebook at school. If you try and access that directly by typing the address in the browser more than likely blocked. So what you need to do is go over to a websites such as BoomTunnel.com. One the front of the website you will a test box where you will type in the address and then click on “go” or just press enter. Its a very simple thing to do!

Most proxies are made running a PHP script. Depending in which software was used they all work the same way. Some of the things to look out for is if the proxy you are using support “https” ( https:// instead or http:// ) which that front part of the address. It is highly recommended that you use the website using https as for one it makes it harder for the proxy to be detected. Also all of your traffic is being transferred in a secure manner.

There are some of the basics as far proxies go.