What is a proxy?

This is probably one of the most asked questions. Now I know what you are thinking who in the world does not know what a proxy is? There are people that legitimately don’t know but fortunately that is what this post will aim to do; educate that group of people.

A proxy is a service in our case its a websites that allows you to access websites and other resources that re directly blocked. So lets say for example you want to go on Facebook at school. If you try and access that directly by typing the address in the browser more than likely blocked. So what you need to do is go over to a websites such as BoomTunnel.com. One the front of the website you will a test box where you will type in the address and then click on “go” or just press enter. Its a very simple thing to do!

Most proxies are made running a PHP script. Depending in which software was used they all work the same way. Some of the things to look out for is if the proxy you are using support “https” ( https:// instead or http:// ) which that front part of the address. It is highly recommended that you use the website using https as for one it makes it harder for the proxy to be detected. Also all of your traffic is being transferred in a secure manner.

There are some of the basics as far proxies go.

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