Free Proxy USA

Welcome to Free Proxy USA. We provide a free proxy server service for anyone who is trying to access a blocked website.

Websites are usually blocked in places like school, work and 3rd world countries where they are trying to prevent their employees from either goofing off or they are trying to stop people from knowing something that is out in the public.

Either way, our services are made to help you circumvent these limitations. The internet was made to be able to freely share information with out borders. This is what make the internet so great in the fist place.

There are other services like VPNs and socks proxies that also help bypass filters, however these require configuration. With our free proxies all you have to do is visit our site and enter the url you would like to visit.

Our websites also have YouTube support. Some of the lower quality proxies do not allow you to play these videos. If you only need to access YouTube check out This is our YouTube only proxy, currently in beta. This is the only web proxy with mobile device support. Check it out today!

Proxy Sites for YouTube ONLY!


USA Proxy Sites

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